Serenity of the Garden Pendant Set

Australian Flowers Pendant Set

A First! 46 cm chain and four interchangeable heart pendants with flowers and sparkling crystals featuring the art and signature of Joy Scherger. Gift box and collector's card.

Chain measures 46cm

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In the quiet hush of the garden, surrounded by radiant colours, delicate blooms and fragrant treasures, nature reminds us that serenity is all around. Victorian poet Dorothy Frances Gurney believed in the peace of the garden. Her Kiss of the Sun poem has become a guide for living for keen gardeners and those seeking the tranquil life. Hall of Fame artist Joy Scherger is a kindred spirit of Gurney’s, for her floral portraits capture nature at its most appealing. Now, the heartfelt words of Dorothy Frances Gurney and the uplifting art of Joy Scherger have been united in the Serenity of the Garden Pendant Set, a gorgeous collection of four exquisitely crafted pendants offering you the gifts of pride, joy, hope and happiness to carry with you always.

Each pendant connects a native flower with an inspiring message: Golden Wattle, Australia’s national flower, reminds us to have pride in our nation and the sun-kissed wonders of this golden treasure. The Bottlebrush, with its vivid red booms, bring us never ending joy in its vibrancy. As the elegant Kangaroo Paw unfurls, its flowers reach out to us in the hope that in the garden, we are near God’s heart. Happiness is but a heartbeat away when embracing the nourishing beauty of the Native Orchid. As its petals open, so does your heart to pure contentment. The reverse side of the hearts share the flower’s special gift and reproduces Joy’s signature. A clear crystal Swarovski crystal sparkling along the rhodium-platinum-plated bail completes the look, which includes a coordinating 46cm chain. Each pendant set comes in in a customised gift box and with a Certificate of Authenticity. It also includes a card that reveals the meaning behind each flower with accompanying Joy Scherger’s artwork and Dorothy Frances Gurney’s kiss of the sun poem. Strong demand is expect so don’t delay, order yours now!

Pride: Golden Wattle

The graceful swaying wattle which we celebrate with its very own day at the beginning of Spring is Australia's national floral emblem. We can survey our garden landscape with pride as the various shades of gold burst into bloom. The sun-kissed blossom bouquets suggest Spring’s gifts of optimism, bounty and abundance. The gentle light fragrance reminds us of new beginnings.

Hope: Kangaroo Paw

This distinctive native plant of the past strengthens our resolve to find hope for the future. We observe Kangaroo Paw shooting up reaching to the light and are reminded that despite our moods and hardships we can survive and flourish. The ambience of our aspiring growing nation reflected in this sprightly flowering plant; greeting us when we turn to our garden for inspiration.

Happiness: Native Orchid

Captured by the rare beauty of the native orchid; as the timeless ornate flowers come alive an inner sense of happiness is revealed. We humbly acknowledge that in our tendered and nurtured home garden we see life begin and grow and a love that lingers. We feel our connection to the source of nature and our precious vital spirit.

Joy: Bottlebrush

There is the joy of waking and looking out across the nearby dew-covered garden. We cast our gaze at the bottlebrush; thick with vibrant red robust blooms and the sounds of the nectar gathering honey eaters and colourful lorikeets. The gratitude that sweeps through us to live in such a paradise is represented in the bottlebrush flowers set amongst the bright green foliage.


This Serenity of the Garden Pendant Set exclusive to The Bradford Exchange features:

  • Find serenity in the garden with the Serenity of the Garden Pendant Set exclusive to The Bradford Exchange
  • Each flower represents a gift of Pride, Joy, Hope and Happiness
  • Reproduction of Dorothy Frances Gurney’s Kiss of the Sun poem
  • Showcases the coveted floral artistry of Joy Scherger beautifully recreated on faceted heart pendants
  • Sparkling Swarovski Crystal set in each bail and rhodium-platinum plating
  • Deluxe display case & custom card explaining the gift bestowed by each flower
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Chain measures 46cm