Purr-fect Planters Cat Succulents Pickles & Bubbles

Purr-fect Planters Cat Succulents

Experience the purr-fect blend of whimsy and functionality with our intricately sculpted cat planter pots, each boasting a unique personality and adorned with lifelike artificial succulents, making them an ideal gift for any feline enthusiast.

The Purr-fect Planters Cat Succulents Pickles & Bubbles from The Bradford Exchange features:

  • Each cat planter pot is meticulously crafted from artist's resin, capturing the unique personality of each feline through intricate sculptural details
  • The hand-painted sculptures showcase charming facial expressions, adding personality and whimsy to any space they adorn
  • Wiry 'whiskers' add an extra touch of realism to the sculptures, bringing the sassy duo to life in a playful manner
Measure Approx. 10 cm H

S&H: $14.99

Available in 2 instalments of $64.99 Comes with our famous 365-day guarantee

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The creation of these charming cat planter pots dates back to the meticulous craftsmanship of the artist, whose passion for sculptural details brought each little feline's big personality to life. With a keen eye for capturing the essence of these sassy companions, the artist handcrafted the intricate details in artist's resin, ensuring that each piece radiates its own unique charm. Over time, the concept evolved to incorporate lifelike artificial succulents or cacti, adding a touch of greenery to complement the playful nature of the cats. This fusion of artistry and botanical elements has made these planters a beloved gift choice for cat enthusiasts worldwide.

Indulge in the whimsical charm of these delightful cat planter pots, where each petite feline boasts a distinct personality lovingly crafted in intricate sculptural detail from artist's resin. With their endearing facial expressions and delicate 'whiskers,' these sassy companions truly come to life, each exuding its own unique charm. Adding to their allure, these hand-painted sculptures are adorned with artificial succulents or cacti, meticulously designed to mimic nature's beauty with astonishing realism. Despite their faux foliage, these planters maintain their vibrancy without the need for watering, ensuring a perpetually lush display. Standing at approximately 10 cm in height, this set of two planters not only serves as a charming decorative accent but also makes for a delightful gift for any cat enthusiast, perfectly capturing the playful spirit of our feline companions. Order now


The Purr-fect Planters Cat Succulents Pickles & Bubbles from The Bradford Exchange features:

  • Handcrafted from artist's resin, ensuring durability and intricate details in each little cat sculpture
  • Captures the unique personalities of each cat through charming facial expressions and wiry 'whiskers'
  • Each sculpture is hand-painted, adding individuality and vibrancy to the overall design
  • Features artificial succulents or cacti that are incredibly realistic, adding a touch of nature to any space without the need for watering
  • Succulents are securely attached to the sculptures, ensuring longevity and stability
  • Set includes two cat planter pots, making it a perfect gift for cat lovers who appreciate quirky home décor
  • Compact size measuring about 10 cm in height, suitable for display on desks, shelves, or windowsills
  • Versatile design allows for use as planters or as decorative pieces on their own