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When you have the latest Bradford Exchange catalogue handy, you have the best-of-the best in fine jewellery for your selection. Our latest jewellery showcase brings you editions that transcend time to become intimate statement pieces now and for always. The pieces in our personalised portfolio featured on page 9 create one-of-a-kind gifts that are as unique as your love. Our range of men’s jewellery has something for every taste, finding favour with men across a broad range of interests. Look at page 10 for gift selections that any man will appreciate for years to come. Happy Browsing Home shopping for your favourite heirloom doll exclusives has never been easier! Our latest showcase is filled with new treasures and old favourites to bring sweet delight into your heart and your home! Our range of doll accessories continues to inspire collectors with new ways of dressing and displaying their dolls. In our latest showcase you’ll see some just released accessories that will add a whole new dimension of joy to your little ones. Happy Browsing! Every day should be Mother’s Day. For all our mum’s do for us, for all the selfless, behind-the-scenes things that bring joy to our lives, our mums are there making them happen. Our latest showcase brings you the best of the best family themed editions for your best…your mum! I’m particularly impressed by our personalised keepsakes and jewellery. Each one beautifully expresses just how special our mum is and how much she means to you and your family. Each edition is a truly touching and unique way to honour your mum! Through each page, you’re sure to find a treasure that brings richness and joy to your life or to someone you hold dear. Happy Browsing! Autumn is the time for change, contemplation and innovation. A moment in our year when our thoughts turn to the exciting possibilities ahead and ways for making them come to vibrant life. Our latest showcase gathers together in one convenient book the newest trends and ideas which have been inspiring collectors in 2022. Spending more time at home has reintroduced traditional crafts and hobbies to us. Our Thomas Kinkade Adult Colouring Kit has proven an enjoyable way to relax and follow in the footstep of the world’s most collected artist! If handicrafts are more to your liking, our Al Agnew Latch Hook Kit lets you create a room-defining tapestry bringing the mesmerising allure of the wolf to your home. Our die-casts and scale models continue to be best sellers - from race winning legends to style icons that changed motoring. Fine jewellery always makes a wonderful keepsake or a treasured gift. You’ll find an exquisite piece that adds glittering elegance to your personal style. Happy Browsing!

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