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Our Catalogues



March Catalogue Out Now!

Autumn is the time for change, contemplation and innovation. A moment in our year when our thoughts turn to the exciting possibilities ahead and ways for making them come to vibrant life. These ideas have inspired our latest showcase. We’ve gathered together in one convenient book the latest trends and ideas which have been inspiring collectors in 2019. Coins remain amongst the most collected editions. Those commemorating important historical events continue to be amongst the most sought-after issues. With issues approved by Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, they have become future family heirlooms of enduring appeal. Fine jewellery always refreshes your look. Figural sculptures create a focal point in any room. From symbols of faith to good fortune and charitable endeavours, sculpture truly defines you as much as your room. Throughout the showcase, discover figural treasures that reflect your true passions! Let us help make Autumn 2019 your season of inspiration! Happy browsing!



February Apparel Catalogue Out Now!

As you enjoy the last glorious days of summer, bring even more colour and warmth into your life with our latest collector showcase! It’s filled with remarkable values, innovative artistry and one-of-a-kind designs. Our Apparel and Accessories Showcase begins here and brings you the latest and greatest in best-selling designs. From pop-culture icons to royalty, nature’s treasures, sporting heroes and more - there’s an item, which lets you carry your favourite theme wherever you go… in sumptuous style! Happy browsing - this is one not to be missed!



January Catalogue Out Now!

Welcome to a new year! Within these pages, you’ll discover treasures exclusive to us. Innovative design, hand-crafted excellence and old fashioned value-for-money are all here and waiting for you now. Valentine’s Day is almost here and our Valentine’s double spread showcase means you don’t need to leave home to say “I love you” in so many beautiful and original ways. Happy browsing!