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Our Catalogues



June Catalogue Out Now!

There may be a chill in the air announcing the start of winter, but the best way to beat the winter blues is to surround yourself with these season’s red hot collectable editions!

Our latest showcase is brimming with ideas to warm the heart and sooth the soul. On page 6, our figural gallery will leave you breathless with the richness of detail in each sculpture. Jewellery always pleases whatever the season, so look to pages 20 and 21 for the latest sparkling trends to set your fashion style ablaze! Speaking of blazing style, the hottest collectable trend in 2017 is without a doubt, the Zippo® Lighter. After 85 years as the gold standard in windproof lighters, Zippo® now ignites your passion for collecting all over again. Stunning art themes, magnificent presentations (works of art themselves!) and of course the world’s most coveted name in lighters offering the perfect canvas... Zippo® is HOT as you’ll discover in our latest collector showcase. Enjoy browsing!



April Catalogue Out Now!

At this time of year, we always pause and remember two great heroes who make us proud time and again. As Anzac Day approaches, it’s time to honour our diggers for the gift of freedom they have given us. On pages 15 -18, our Anzac tributes salute the servicemen and women from a century of campaigns. Each edition shines as a lasting symbol of sincere thanks.

And with Mother’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to say ‘thank you’ to the greatest hero of them all… Mum. With her love to guide us through life, we can’t go wrong! Pages 4 – 7 feature a treasure trove of gift ideas which say ‘thanks, Mum,’ more eloquently than words ever could. Enjoy browsing!



March Catalogue Out Now!

Collecting is a passion of life. It's a philosophy coming alive every day in many beautiful ways. Collectors like yourself have the sheer joy from surrounding their home with art objects, exquisite jewellery, home décor and fine apparel which defines who you are. It's a special kind of joy when you subscribe to one of our exclusive collections. It's the search for something new and the breathless anticipation of waiting for each new issue to arrive. As it does, the collection grows into something quite extraordinary, always with a story to tell and a passion which unfolds like a stunning work of art. As the last issue arrives, there's a sense of indescribable fulfilment knowing you have a collection that contributes so much to your life. A new family heirloom is born!

Our latest showcase features some of our best-selling collections of recent times. As you review our centre spreads, you'll discover treasures from some of the biggest and best loved brands and licenses in the world today. Shop Now!